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We Passed Final Inspection!!

Yesterday was quite exciting. For the past week our contractor had told us she had ordered the final inspector to come by. So every morning we have woken up early and somewhat cleared the bathroom and kitchen, etc. to make it not look as lived in and “homey”. And every morning we had been getting an email with some reason or another why the final inspection had to be postponed. Anyway, so Thursday was finally our day – the inspector was really supposed to come! Melisa had camped out front until the inspector pulled up and then snuck into the house to let us know she thought he was here. She had mentioned being nervous about the stairs to the garden not having a rail, and mentioned other houses where the inspector had been so anal he had requested them to put weather-stripping in all the windows, etc. Well, our inspector knocked, came in…we tried to make the polite small talk. He took the papers, looked over all the signatures. Then made a comment about “you guys must be eager to move in” to which Patrick and I somewhat nervously laughed and answered “oh yes, very”. He then signed the paper and said “have a good day” and walked out!! He barely walked into the house! As he walked out Melisa asked if we needed to get our occupancy permit, and he said we didn’t need it. Ok, that’s cool! We’re not sure if the bank may still want it or not, so we’ll see. After he walked out Melisa commented that it had to be the easiest inspection she had yet. We laughed about how anti-climatic the whole thing was. I guess I did all that clearing off stuff for nothing, but better safe than sorry, right? Either way, we’re all done! We can get rid of our “Notice of Issuance of Building Permit” sign on the porch, woohoo. What landmark are we going to give our friends now?! ;-)

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Yard Work

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. We had a sunny blue sky and temperatures somewhere around 69F! Patrick and I snuck out for a while to do a little exterior work. I finally racked some leaves, but there’s no need to show you the rest of the yard because despite all my work it looks like I haven’t even touched the yard! I hope it won’t be fall before I manage to get rid of all the leaves…
Raking leaves

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Spring Love

Last week and over the weekend we painted most of the kitchen built-in, cleaned the laundry room, unpacked more boxes, and raked some leaves in the front yard. I’ll post a built-in pic when we finish the last bit.

In the meanwhile we discovered a lonely daffodil at the very back of our garden. As you can also see, the background shows the grass still being covered in leaves. This coming up week is supposed to bring warmer weather, so I hope to be able to do some yard work this weekend and get the garden ready for more spring flowers!


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Let There Be Pressure

Wednesday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day

Gus and Jim were back to do some work. And though they’re not plumber’s they helped us fix a plumbing problem. We’ve had water pressure issues for a while, and that morning the water pressure was so bad we had trouble getting the soap off our bodies. This was worse than hotel water pressure!

This is the water pressure we got on the “massage” setting. When we raised the issue some weeks ago, the plumber thought we could take out the anti-scalding device to fix the problem. After asking about going into the shower head to take out a gasket he said “they make it so you can’t do that anymore.”

Bathroom shower head

Jim took off the shower head and voila – off came this little devil piece. Look at the hole our water had to squeeze through! We threw that right on in the trash, and oh my god I can actually wash the shampoo out of my hair again!

Bathroom shower head

Thursday, February 15th

Gus and Jim installed the shelves for the bathroom built-in, finished the top off with some crown molding, and put some wood on the floor so that we won’t have to put things on the dirty unfinished hardwood that were there before. Now it looks more matching.

Linen closet

They also put little window ceils in the laundry room.

Laundry windowsill

And built us a nice shelf by the washer and dryer, measured and fit perfectly for our Sam’s Club sized laundry detergent.

Laundry shelf

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More Progress

Our new guest bed arrived!

Assembling guest bed

Gus and Jim came back to work on a few things…

…building shelves for the medicine cabinet.

Medicine cabinet shelves

…tearing out part of the bath built-in to access the plumber’s screw-up and pulling back the faucets so that they don’t stick out.

Shower faucet

…making the bathroom window even (one part was higher than the other due to the Durock).

Bathroom window molding

…building shelves for the kitchen built-in.

Butler's pantry v-groove

Meanwhile, later on that night…

…we were busy priming the kitchen built-in.

Painting butler's pantry

What do you do on a Tuesday night? Personally I like to crawl around on the kitchen floor, showing off my plumber’s crack, and getting into those deep kitchen built-in corners with some paint! :)

Painting butler's pantry

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