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Bathroom & Yard Work

Yesterday I was feeling motivated to finish cutting in the edges in the bathroom. It was quite a challenge considering I couldn’t get the ladder too close in places like above the bathtub.

Bathroom door

Patrick was going to work on the second coat of paint today, but instead…

Back yard

…we ended up doing yard work, like cutting down a small tree sized vine that is devouring one of the trees, and eliminating the giant pile of branches still left over from when we cut up the giant branch. (Comparison photo of a month ago) All that’s left now are some bigger branches that we want to use for fire wood. The giant pile may not look like much in the distant photo, but I think the 2.5 hours of work spent on it speak for themselves. All I can say is I’m exhausted now!

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Slow Progress

There hasn’t been super much progress lately. Now that the weather is so incredibly nice we’ve mostly focused on the exterior work. We’ve been mowing the lawn, cleaning up the never ending leaves left over from fall (hey, in the fall we were worried about moving into the house, not the leaves in our yard). I’ve uncovered things like the flower bed by the front porch, etc.

Now that the carpet is in the laundry, and while we have all the junk out of the room, we managed to paint the majority of the room. We still have to finish the very back corner.

Paint laundry room

During our yard cleaning we decided to also clean out our shed, which included a large pile of left over insulation. Since we paid for it we figured we may as well put it to use, so I drug them up the attic where Patrick then spread them between the beams.


This evening we planted our very first plant! It’s a Yoshino Flowering Cherry tree that has absolutely gorgeous pinkish-white flowers in the spring. Wow, we not only own a house, we own our very own tree too! Haha. :-P

Plant Yoshino tree

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Carpeting the Laundry

Yay! This week feels productive. Tuesday we started painting the bathroom, today the carpet was installed in the laundry room. It’s kind of crazy because we don’t have carpet anywhere else in the house, but we just wanted a cheap solution to our M.C. Escher style room – it makes it feel like a new construction in the suburbs!


Laundry room carpet


Laundry room carpet


Laundry room carpet

Next step soon (as in by the end of the weekend) – painting! We want to go ahead and get it painted while we have moved all the furniture back into the rest of the house (which, by the way, is crazy because it makes it feel like when we first moved in). Because we know once we move everything back in we’d never get around to moving it back out and painting it. So better to have chaos in the dining room again for a few days than an unfinished laundry for the next 3 years. ;-)

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Bathroom Painting

Last Friday Patrick was working on removing paint off the kitchen built-in drawer.

Paint removal

…while I was putting primer in the corners that hadn’t been painted.

Paint bathroom

Today we finally put the first coat of color in the bathroom!! We almost got the entire room done. I have to finish a few more spots by the ceiling. But my husband keeps asking me every 30 seconds if I’m done and we can finish watching “Little Miss Sunshine” so I can only take the questioning for so long! (Otherwise I would have finished it tonight :-P).

Paint bathroom

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Last 2 Weeks Yardwork

As you can tell we’ve been a little more slack now that we’re somewhat settled in. It’s just that now that the toothbrush and TV are out and working it’s hard to worry about the rest of the stuff! People keep asking when the housewarming party will be. Patrick keeps saying we should ago ahead and schedule it – that way we’ll be forced to unpack the rest of the junk!

So anyway, Patrick painted the 2nd coat of the kitchen built-in, so it’s looking pretty good. We still need to scrape the drawers and repaint them, and get the doors scraped and fixed so they can get hung back up. In addition he started painting the molding on the arch. But our main focus seems to still have been on the yard now that the weather is so nice and we’re itching to go outside.

Two weeks ago…

Getting ready to work on the pretty front bedroom door.

How nice! We had a few pieces of glass already replaced, but now noticed that there were a few more cracked ones. Must have happened with all that moving around? That door is very heavy afterall.

Our yard is still covered in leaves, and that giant branch that fell into the yard shortly before we closed on the house.

Trying out our brand-spankin-new “Log Master.”

Should I send my lumberjack photo in to Remington, or what?


We finally got gas for the lawnmover (funny that it took us so long to use it considering it was the first thing we bought for the house!). Also note that nice stack of chopped up wood. The lawnmover will also help that leaves problem…

Look how those leaves pretty much *poof* went away! Those brown spots you still see is where there’s no grass – errrr weeds growing. And yes, there are still a couple of piles that need to be cleaned up, but we’re making progress. You can also see that another bunch of daffodils popped up! I’m so excited! And if you look at the fence on the right hand side there is a little gap where you can see through to the neighbors daffodils – that’s because I tackled a small amount of the fence covered in kudzu 2 weeks ago! That stuff is entwined so much into the fence that it’s quite a challenge to get off (compare to 4 pictures up). I’ll have to try to remove as much as I can before spring really hits – they don’t say “a foot a day” for no reason!!

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