Past Two Weeks

We finished putting up all the blinds in the guest bedroom! So our guest can actually have some privacy…

Guest bedroom blinds

…well, except for the glass door to the living room…

Guest bedroom door

…which we finally hung back up! Not finished like we hoped – one step at a time, I guess.

And cleaning it up a little for our guests that will soon be here.

Guest bedroom door

The 60-Day Curse?

We heard a sudden noise. It turns out the noise was the range hood vent falling down!! The screws were ripped right out from the cabinet on the left side.

Hood vent

Because we were afraid the right side would not hold much longer we found a temporary solution to prop up the vent hood until the contractors were able to come by the next day.

Hood vent

And then we also noticed the base cap molding coming off by the butler’s pantry. What is this? The 60-day curse?

Base cap molding

After a crazy/busy weekend we decided to tackle some more paint scraping and got busy with a butler’s pantry drawer and door today.

Paint stripping

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More Progress

Our new guest bed arrived!

Assembling guest bed

Gus and Jim came back to work on a few things…

…building shelves for the medicine cabinet.

Medicine cabinet shelves

…tearing out part of the bath built-in to access the plumber’s screw-up and pulling back the faucets so that they don’t stick out.

Shower faucet

…making the bathroom window even (one part was higher than the other due to the Durock).

Bathroom window molding

…building shelves for the kitchen built-in.

Butler's pantry v-groove

Meanwhile, later on that night…

…we were busy priming the kitchen built-in.

Painting butler's pantry

What do you do on a Tuesday night? Personally I like to crawl around on the kitchen floor, showing off my plumber’s crack, and getting into those deep kitchen built-in corners with some paint! :)

Painting butler's pantry

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Counter Top Installation

During the counter top installation we came across a problem where our 33″ sink was slightly too big for our 33″ base cabinet. We had Gus cut into our new cabinet so that our under mount sink could fit in. (See how it is sitting on top in the picture.)

Americast kitchen sink

Our beautiful new granite countertops! They will have to come back for one backsplash that was cut wrong.

Granite countertop

The tile work is coming along nicely, as appeared to be the window molding. Unfortunately upon closer inspection it was installed sideways due to the Durock being higher than the drywall – a concern we had raised to our contractor before it was built, yet it still got messed up.

Bathroom window molding

Look at our cool custom shower design come together!

Subway tile shower

The new molding by the arch and door leading to the hallway.

Kitchen archway molding

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Tiling, Carpentry and Painting

The shower is starting to take shape with the tile.

Bathroom subway tiling

Yet another thing the plumber f*cked up. Now that the tiling has started we noticed that both the faucet and the handles are off center. Grrrrr.

Off-center plumbing

New molding being put up around the kitchen door (to the dining room).

Kitchen door molding

Now that the molding is up the switch seems awfully close. Unfortunately we’re told it’d be kind of a pain to switch.

Tight light switch

We were at the house until after midnight painting the first coat of color in the kitchen.

Painting kitchen

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