We Passed Final Inspection!!

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Yesterday was quite exciting. For the past week our contractor had told us she had ordered the final inspector to come by. So every morning we have woken up early and somewhat cleared the bathroom and kitchen, etc. to make it not look as lived in and “homey”. And every morning we had been getting an email with some reason or another why the final inspection had to be postponed. Anyway, so Thursday was finally our day – the inspector was really supposed to come! Melisa had camped out front until the inspector pulled up and then snuck into the house to let us know she thought he was here. She had mentioned being nervous about the stairs to the garden not having a rail, and mentioned other houses where the inspector had been so anal he had requested them to put weather-stripping in all the windows, etc. Well, our inspector knocked, came in…we tried to make the polite small talk. He took the papers, looked over all the signatures. Then made a comment about “you guys must be eager to move in” to which Patrick and I somewhat nervously laughed and answered “oh yes, very”. He then signed the paper and said “have a good day” and walked out!! He barely walked into the house! As he walked out Melisa asked if we needed to get our occupancy permit, and he said we didn’t need it. Ok, that’s cool! We’re not sure if the bank may still want it or not, so we’ll see. After he walked out Melisa commented that it had to be the easiest inspection she had yet. We laughed about how anti-climatic the whole thing was. I guess I did all that clearing off stuff for nothing, but better safe than sorry, right? Either way, we’re all done! We can get rid of our “Notice of Issuance of Building Permit” sign on the porch, woohoo. What landmark are we going to give our friends now?! ;-)

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