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General Fall Update

There are some things we’ve done here and there around the house this fall that haven’t been posted on the blog, so this is a brief update post.

I can’t pass spring or fall without going to my beloved Growers Outlet, so in late October we went for our semi-annual trip to Loganville to buy some plants. One of my visions was to make the landscape strip more attractive. After the sidewalks were re-done we tried the grass thing, but it didn’t look all that great. The earth sunk down too much and the grass was patchy.

Landscape garden strip before

Landscape garden strip before – boring!

I’ve always found landscape strip gardens intriguing, so this is our go at it. Closest to the mailbox is the annual winter section – kale, cabbage, pansies, etc. To each side of the red bud tree we planted more perennial plants – sage, dianthus, coral bells, daylilies, petunias, etc.

Landscape garden strip after

Landscape garden strip after – much better!

Another section we tackled was the left side foundation. We fell in love with the Southern Living plant collection’s “Purple Diamond Chinese Fringe Flower”; however, due to our purple-ish brick foundation we decided to separate the purple evergreen plants with the evergreen “Waxleaf Ligustrum”. On the left side are some elephant ears. The larger one is supposed to grow up to 6 feet! We’ll see next year…

Bungalow foundation plants

The new foundation plants

And what else have we been up to? Well, with the colder weather we’ve focused our attention back on interior projects. Mainly stripping…

Paint stripping bathroom built-in door

Paint stripping the bathroom built-in door

Paint stripping kitchen door frame

Paint stripping the kitchen door frame

…and more stripping. I don’t think we’ll ever finish that dining room!

Paint stripping dining room door

Paint stripping the dining room door

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