Lots Of Catching Up To Do


The blog may have come to a standstill, but life sure has not. I don’t even know where to begin. It has been nearly nine months since the last post… that sounds like a good place to start! Speaking of things that take nine months – we have a baby!

Last January we found out we were expecting a wee one. This was super exciting news, but we all of a sudden felt the pressure of many incomplete house projects. We went into overdrive trying to get things knocked out before the baby arrived. This involved really simple projects, like putting a hook on the porch to hang up the wind chimes (five minutes), to more complex projects, like trying to finish paint stripping the dining room and living room. The latter project forced Steffi to leave the house or go work outside for the day. Paint stripping and pregnant women do not mix. It felt like a pretty productive time, but the list of remaining projects is still very long.

Stripped Bookcase
Stripping the bookcase next to the fireplace. Lots of nooks and crannies where paint can hide.
English Stained Glass
We bought this stained glass years ago and planned to hang it in front of this window. It took a while to find the right chain, but we finally got it done!
Window Hardware
I also went on a multi-day sash lift paint stripping marathon. They are as good as new when I got rid of the years of paint, and it isn’t that difficult – just boil the hardware in a pot of water.
Door Hinge
And the door hinges got stripped and cleaned up when Steffi requested I oil a squeaky hinge so it wouldn’t wake the baby.
Crawlspace Wall
This is an ongoing project. I’ve been rebuilding the old granite wall in the basement to hopefully make it more water tight.

And then there were some unplanned projects. Like, that time the giant limb on the massive oak tree came crashing down.

Cracked Oak Limb
This giant limb came crashing down in July. We heard a loud crack, and looked out the window and noticed this branch was wedged on an adjacent tree. Before the tree crew could arrive the other tree gave (in the top left of the photo) and it all came crashing down.

Last, but not least – our new addition!

Our New Baby
And then there were three! (plus two cats)


  1. Patrick

    Sharon – If we’re lucky the majority of the paint comes off with a gentle scraping. The original finish on the wood underneath was pretty glossy, so the paint in many places never really adhered to the finish. That being said, we’re not always lucky. In that case we use the heatgun first to get the majority of the paint off. Then we go back with Klean Strip stripper to remove the remaining paint. And then we finish with CitriStrip to lighten up the finish. It’s a long process. The majority of the work gets done very quickly, but the details take forever.