Carpenter and Plumber

Sub-contractors Gus and Jim putting up the wainscoting in the bathroom. Also look at our awesome new medicine cabinet! The mirror we sanded down a while back will be put on the front.

Installing wainscoting

The plumber was supposed to be right behind Gus and Jim to install the toilet and sink on Saturday…this is how far he got. *end sarcasm* (And no, he didn’t install the lawnmower box that is sitting there for storage).

Bathroom construction

The one and only thing he got set-up Saturday was installing the faucets and hooking up the pipes to the kitchen sink – the sink itself had been installed by the counter top people.

Kitchen faucet

The pipes for the kitchen sink were apparently hooked up. The garbage disposal apparently not.
In addition: The water heater was not installed either. Both our contractor and us were under the impression he was going to finish everything on Saturday. Even our contractor seems to be getting very annoyed now.

Kitchen disposal

Sunday’s job: The third and final coat of polyurethane will be put on!! In other words, Patrick and Steffi will get the day off. At least at the house. We’ll be busy packing up the loft. Oh how I looove packing. *end sarcasm*

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Counter Top Installation

During the counter top installation we came across a problem where our 33″ sink was slightly too big for our 33″ base cabinet. We had Gus cut into our new cabinet so that our under mount sink could fit in. (See how it is sitting on top in the picture.)

Americast kitchen sink

Our beautiful new granite countertops! They will have to come back for one backsplash that was cut wrong.

Granite countertop

The tile work is coming along nicely, as appeared to be the window molding. Unfortunately upon closer inspection it was installed sideways due to the Durock being higher than the drywall – a concern we had raised to our contractor before it was built, yet it still got messed up.

Bathroom window molding

Look at our cool custom shower design come together!

Subway tile shower

The new molding by the arch and door leading to the hallway.

Kitchen archway molding

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Tiling, Carpentry and Painting

The shower is starting to take shape with the tile.

Bathroom subway tiling

Yet another thing the plumber f*cked up. Now that the tiling has started we noticed that both the faucet and the handles are off center. Grrrrr.

Off-center plumbing

New molding being put up around the kitchen door (to the dining room).

Kitchen door molding

Now that the molding is up the switch seems awfully close. Unfortunately we’re told it’d be kind of a pain to switch.

Tight light switch

We were at the house until after midnight painting the first coat of color in the kitchen.

Painting kitchen

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So Much Light

Ray had been back again to nearly finish the lights. This time he hooked everything to the fuse box, so the installed lights actually work! This was quite a change for us – no more construction flood lights?! It sheds a whole new light (haha) on our house. It made it feel quite different. I had to exclaim “oh my God” every 10 minutes because I was so excited to be in our house with lights on!

Our cool kitchen lights. Our contractor had been worried that the 50 watt lights that we had picked would not be sufficient to light everything up. We had struggled a lot because we felt like the recessed lighting design was just overall lacking and these were the only lights that we actually liked (they have a silver trim). 50 watt bulbs times 10 in the main kitchen and 2 in the Butler’s pantry proved to be plenty of light!

Kitchen recessed lights

Ray hooked up our dishwasher so the electrical inspection can pass. For us it of course means one step closer to making things feel like home.

Dishwasher installation

Me standing in the bath, getting the dust pan ready to do some cleaning.

Bathroom cleaning

Our project for the night (with lights on, yay!) was to clean the fireplace in the middle bedroom. It was covered in dirt and dust and we managed to get it cleaned up a little bit. Unfortunately we found dried drips of what looks like floor refinishing liquid on the beautiful tiles and suspect that they are new. Not quite sure how we can clean that off…

Bedroom fire place

Meanwhile back at the loft we have started packing. Ack, crazy!!


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The floor people were originally supposed to come Wednesday, but were unable to due to a flat tire. They were supposed to come Thursday instead but never called or came either. This screwed up a few of our painting plans. Finally on Sunday they returned to do the 2nd coat of polyurethane. This limited our work at the house, but the floors look oh so beautiful!

The brand new coated floors, still wet.

Kitchen hardwood floor polyurethane

The only place we were able to work on this cold, rainy day without disturbing the floord was the laundry. We sanded down some more of the difficult molding areas of the bathroom door.

Bathroom door sanding

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