Planting and Growing Seeds

Wow, we’re so far behind… where to begin? Probably best to start where we left off, which was the fall of last year. Our privacy fence had just been completed and we were ready to start planting along the fence.

Every spring and fall we make a trip to our favorite nursery in the metro Atlanta region – Growers Outlet in Loganville. It is about an hour each direction, but the prices are well worth it. We’ve heard people drive much farther.

Growers Outlet

We bought a number of plants to plant between the driveway and our new fence in the backyard – roses, canna lilies, rosemary, Mexican petunias, lots of bulbs for the spring, etc.

Wall Plantings

We also bought three apple trees. One gala from Pike Nusery and a Gala and a Pink Lady from Ison’s Nursery. This allowed us to keep planting well into the winter. (Unfortunatly, we haven’t had any apples this year. Hopefully they will start producing fruit next year.)

The tree from Pike Nursery:

Steffi with the Apple Tree

And the two trees from Ison’s – these were their “instant orchard” variety:

Apple Trees from Ison's

As spring started to arrive a very generous neighbor gave us a ton of seeds to plant. These seeds came from Seed Savers Exchange. They have a great selection of hard-to-find seeds, and the germination rate was really high. We planted everything –┬ávegetables, perennials, annuals, vines, etc.


This was our first year using grow lights. In the past we always just tried putting the seeds by a bright window, but the results were always disappointing. The grow lights did a fantastic job! We had seeds popping up in no time. The grow lights we used were OttLight 20 watt Plant growth Bulbs. Because they were compact flourescent they didn’t get hot, so this helped the soil retain the moisture.

Grow Lights

Some of our seedlings!


That brings us to the early spring. There are a lot more updates to come, so please check back often. We’re going to get caught up!

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More Gardening

Today we got busy planting those plants we bought from Lowe’s yesterday and received in the mail a few days ago…

On the left is the Spring Hill Nursery catalog “JFK” rose, on the right is the Lowe’s yellow rose whose name I can’t tell you because Patrick threw away the tag. On the left is the $7.50 rose (after 50% rebate), on the right is the $6.98 rose. I think I’m starting to feel a little bit ripped off with this catalog order. I’ve heard bad things, but I thought it would be good to give it a try nonetheless. Maybe I should have listened. All I know is that rose better make a hell of a recovery and have a hell of an amazing bloom to make up for things.


Our little garden buddy. This is the little shy boy from next door. He comes and plays in our yard while we do work, but he usually runs away when you try to have a conversation with him.

Confederate Jasmine

Our attempt at starting a vegetable garden. In the far back is the grape vine. We’ve had it sitting in our dining room bay window in the plastic container it came in for probably 2 months now. When we bought it there was one tiny leaf. Before we knew it the thing started growing and getting bigger. Now that we put it in the ground the leaves started turning white, so we’re not quite sure what that’s all about. In the middle is a zucchini plant, and in the front a tomato. My parents brought those back for us…hopefully they’ll do better adjusting than the grape has.


One of our wishes has been to get two big ol’ flower pots to put by the front steps. We’ve seen so many bungalow’s with them that we wanted some of our own. On our past searches we’ve only come across concrete or plastic containers – neither of which felt very attractive or otherwise pleasing to us. Yesterday we finally found two glazed clay pots that we liked. It’s funny how such big pots can become so small once you put them next to the big house. I’ve always been fond of my parent’s jasmine, so when we came across some at Lowe’s I decided that I wanted to put it in the big pots. We bought some little ground covers to go along with it.


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