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Week Ten – 12/14/06

This is a long one because lots of new things have happened…

Support columns for the sagging beam.

Closer look.

We had to install partial new sub-flooring in the laundry addition.

View towards kitchen.

The pipes for the laundry.

What a beautiful new hardwood floor in the kitchen. It’s already getting dirty though!

We’re pretty sure this is new…a bit of a plaster booboo in our back bedroom closet – it backs up to the laundry where all that work happened.

Where the back bedroom had floor damage (from the adjacent bathroom) we had salvaged kitchen floor to put in place. Hopefully the color difference will be fixed once the floors are redone.

Trying out our pedestal sink.

Not exactly what we had pictured and not exactly what is the norm for pedestal sinks.

Our brand-spanking-new HVAC system.

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Laundry Floor Demolition – 12/08/06

Yay! We passed the electrical inspection. Those guys kicked ass. Crew of four rewired the entire house in 3 days.

Ripping up the floor(s) to get back to the wood in the laundry room (former back porch).

Look at the crazy pattern one of those floors had.

The floor is pretty much ready to go. Looks like we may have to tear some of it up though because it is uneven.

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Medicine Cabinet – 12/06/06

It may look like Patrick did all the work, but believe me that it only looks like this because he didn’t take any pictures of me working equally as hard!

Something we could work on from home: Stripping paint from the medicine cabinet mirror.

Scraping away.

Look at all those lovely layers of paint.

The paint is gone, on to sanding.

Yay, the easy part is done – the flat back of the mirror!

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New Updates Coming Soon!

A lot has happened since we last posted. We now have the electrical and plumbing roughed in. Woohoo! Pictures and more to come soon…

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HVAC Clean-Out – 12/01/06

Some more of the bath tub has been framed out. They didn’t check what kind of bathtub we had gotten while it had been sitting there for 3 weeks so had assumed that we got a regular kind (we got a drop-in).

The laundry room has been stripped of some walls.

We decided to tackle the HVAC vent demolition…

The back yard served as a flattening zone. Plus we thought we’d give the neighbors some competition.

Here is where some of my anal retentiveness comes out. I had to sort the dumpster to maximize the space. I think we’d be on the 6th dumpster had I not been doing this along the way.

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