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Paint Stripping Eve – 12/24/2006

Since we have all this painted over hardware we thought we’d try to boil off the paint. Someone had told us it would help peel things right off. Didn’t quite work as well though. I guess that applies more to latex paint, and 91 years of paint means a lot more than latex.

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Paint Stripping – 12/16/06

We started scraping the paint off the beautiful wood in the dining room.

Closer look.

Not pictured: Putting new sash cords in one of the kitchen windows.

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Bathtub – 12/22/2006

The bathtub water access. The plumber didn’t follow directions on how high to place the valves so he had to redo that after we inspected it. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the wood that the pipes are attached to is also hanging sideways, so has to be corrected as well. It now appears to be correct.

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Week Eleven – 12/21/2006

The new support columns have received their pretty touch. Now we just need to figure out what color to paint them.

We found about 100-150 Bellsouth YellowPages in our dumpster!! We’re not paying all this money for a dumpster only for some idiot to dump all those books in there. We called and someone picked them back up.

About one million drilled holes later it looks like the pipes are in the right location for our pedestal sink.

Originally we wanted attic access through the laundry room, but the roof is too slanted there so we now made a hole in the closet to make access from there.

The framing for the location of the kitchen built-in.

We have to build a wall where the washer and dryer go because we had to run some pipes through the floor and need to cover them up. This way we’ll have a little storage shelf as well.

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More Paint Stripping – 12/19/06

Getting more paint off the wood.

The bathtub has to be filled for the plumbing inspection. At this point it was leaking and the valves were installed croocked and not to the height we had specified.

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