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Bungalow/House Related Links

CMT/Star Iron & Metal Co.
1041 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 876-7410
Carries window sash weights for $1/pound.

Craftsman Doors
Craftsman style doors.

Craftsman Home
Lighting to furniture.

Grow House Grow
Technically not a “Bungalow Related Link”, but a former classmate of mine makes this really trendy hand silkscreened wallpaper, so this decor-related link seemed appropriate nonetheless.

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We will post some pictures of our little bungalow soon.

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Westview and Neighbors Website Links

Learn more about this exciting Atlanta neighborhood by visiting these links:

Westview Neighborhood –

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Second Demo Day – 10/01/06

The second day of demolition we had Josh and Dylan come to help. They mostly worked on the bathroom:


The pry bar became his best friend. “What’s under there?”


The ceiling paint peeling (previously hidden by the drop-ceiling).


Josh and Dylan to the rescue.


Josh working hard.


Dylan explores other ways to bathe…


Almost a piece of art!


Bathroom at the end of the day.


Old skool wiring in the kitchen.

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