Vacation Homes

During our travels to Europe we came across some lovely houses that would make great vacation homes. Of course they were all historic! In fact, most of them probably make our 90 year-old home look like a young vixen. It’s funny how the definition of “old” is quite different in Europe. We talk about old in the 1800’s or early 1900’s. They talk about old in terms of centuries. For example, a lot of the pubs we visited were from the 16th or 17th century, and they are still proudly pouring beer to this day!

French castle

Vacation Home #1 – A Spanish Castle in the South of France. This place even had hot water during its heyday! With a little renovation I’m sure it would be lovely.

English Tudor

Vacation Home #2 – Old Tudor House Along the Thames. This would be a great place to go when you feel like boating.

English cottage

Vacation Home #3 – Small English Village. We might as well own the whole village. It was right out of a storybook! Everything was so picture perfect!

English cottage

Vacation Home #4 – English Country Cottage. Old and cute – does it get any better? Check out the detail on that chimney and the old tile roof.

London house

Vacation Home #5 – London Flat. Why not? Everybody needs a place to stay when visiting the city. We might as well have one with a little style.

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