Two-Year Housaversary

As I’m sitting here on this Saturday, the 27th of September 2008, in the middle of a financial crisis that is leaving citizens sitting at the curb of their foreclosed homes and ex-employees crying about how their fortune 500 company has fallen apart, biting our fingernails at who will win the presidential election, and Atlantans scrambling to find a gas station that has not sold out of gas, it is hard to believe that Patrick and I have a reason to celebrate. But there is. It is our two year “housaversary”!

And because I only have half an hour left in this day as I’m typing this (and because SNL is coming on now) I think I will simply quote myself from one year ago…

“Here I was hoping to break out some great blog about our one-year homeownership anniversary…and all I got was this crappy photo. :-P”

Only cross out the “one” and make it a “two”. :) Oh I’m so lazy.

So here is a toast to all of you homeowners! And here is a toast to our two-year house anniversary! And a toast to many more homeownership years!

2-Year Anniversary

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