One-Year Anniversary

Here I was hoping to break out some great blog about our one-year homeownership anniversary…and all I got was this crappy photo. :-P

So yes, a year ago today we signed our lives away to own this house. We didn’t move in a year ago, but nonetheless it’s crazy to think a year has passed since we bought the house. We’ve got several things accomplished – like putting in all new plumbing, electrical, A/C and heat, a new kitchen and a new bathroom…and well, we’re obviously still slowly working on the rest. When I think about the ugly house we had under contract in East Atlanta I am sooooooo glad that the deal fell apart and we ended up with this house. I absolutely love it and the details and the history and the fact that I can say that I bought a house when I was 24 years old!

So here’s to our one-year homeownership anniversary…in PJs and ready to go to bed, but a “cheers” nonetheless. :)

2007 Anniversary

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