Christmas Parties and Alfred Hitchcock

Ahhhhh yes, it’s that time of the year. That time where you’re not sure whether you love shopping because it gets you in the Christmas mood, or whether you hate it because you can’t find a parking place when all you’re trying to do is buy a roll of toilet paper. It’s also that time of the year where you’re bound to get sick at one point or another. First Patrick got hit. I avoided it for a while and thought I was going to get away without catching it. That wasn’t the case…it just teased me by taking longer to hit. So that didn’t help in the renovation department. That and our addiction to SimCity 4. :-D

So back to “that time of the year.” It’s also that time of the year where there are so many Christmas parties that it’s hard to keep up. We recently had the annual Westview Christmas party at the local fire station. It’s a nice touch for the community and I know a number of neighbors work hard to put it together, which is appreciated. That being said a lot of our neighbors are 70+ year old citizens, so the party has that certain grandparent feel. It takes place in the afternoon with yummy food and good ol’ sweet tea (not the Long Island version). It was even nice to see some local politicians like Mary Norwood and CT Martin come out and to show their support for the neighborhood celebration. I think personally I like something a little more upbeat…something in the evening where you can enjoy a drink with your neighbors and less of the cafeteria feeling. I’m feeling a little bad expressing this because I do honestly appreciate what is being done and how it helps to bring the community together, but I guess I’m just looking for more of a party-party. Thankfully we have neighbors that like the parties-parties too, so we still get plenty of those throughout the year.

So the Westview party came and went last weekend. This weekend was neighboring West End’s turn. Just like we’ve become close with many neighbors in Westview we’ve also become friends with people in West End. Only this party was more of what I was referring to above…being able to enjoy that glass of wine while mingling with the community members. And the host even pulled some strings to get the press to cover the party! (Which doesn’t hurt considering the other recently bad article.) Read the Atlanta Journal Constitution article and make sure to check out the photos – our chicken satay as well as us and our friend Jeremy even made it in there on page 10! :) And as you might expect from parties where there is an abundance of drinks available – you end up with some funny videos around 2am! So in the holiday spirit I thought I’d share some Christmas ha-ha’s. Enjoy watching the host and some neighbors break it down at the end of the night when only a few of us remained…

[jwplayer mediaid=”1643″]

[jwplayer mediaid=”1644″]

In other crazy news Patrick and I thought we were in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” the other day. We were in the office when this giant mob of birds decided to rest in our yard. It was entirely too crazy!

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds

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Happy Halloween From Westview Bungalow!

Westview Halloween

Happy Halloween to all of you out there!

So our Halloween this year may be a little bit humble. But it’s a step up from last year, right? Last year we were somewhere around here in our renovation process. This year we upgraded to well…for one thing living here. So we put our little lit-up pumpkin on the porch so kids would know we’re “open for business”. (When I uploaded the photo I had to laugh for a second because it looked like our pumpkin was “blinging it up” with a gold tooth, haha.)

Since this is our first year in the house during Halloween Patrick and I didn’t know what to expect. We bought two bags of candy figuring we’ll get stuck with all of it. My “bet” was 0-2 groups of kids. We ended up having 5 groups of kids instead!! Our first one was our little one and a half (?) year old neighbor girl dressed up as “a snowman with a big butt” as her mom put it. *LOL* She must have rather been a snowWoman because she was dressed in all red and pink with red paint on her face. I assume the big butt was due to her diaper. ;-) Then we had four more sets of older kids. Since we didn’t think anyone would come after the neighbor we gave her a whole bunch of the candy, but after the next two groups came we started panicking that we may actually run out! Plus who would have known, my “bet” was actually beat with the 5 groups of trick-or-treaters. And we did run out after the 5th group of people and had to turn off our little “blinging” pumpkin and porch lights. Shortly after that we heard more kid noise outside, so who knows, we may have had even more kids! Next year we’ll be more prepared and not give out ALL our candy on the first trick-or-treater.

Happy Halloween from Patrick and Steffi!

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