Cutting Trees

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Since the day we bought the house we had problems with some trees on the border of our property dropping limbs. The day we got back from closing we had a giant limb in the middle of our yard. Then about two and half years ago there was the story of half the tree coming down on our neighbor’s shed and part of ours. The remainder of that tree and another tree were scarily growing over our shed, along with a “curtain” of English Ivy (aka the devil plant).We figured it was only going to be a matter of time before one of the trees would decide to land on our shed, so back in February we thought it was about time to do something about it.

In the City of Atlanta you have to get a permit to have trees cut down, so after we got the city arborist to come by and agree that the trees were dangerous and not healthy we got our permit to take them down. We then had the guys from Tree Tailors come out to cut them down and haul them off. We also took the opportunity to have them prune the Oak tree in our front yard. The experience felt kind of like a Spiderman movie – David was dangling between trees on ropes!

Spiderman tree cutting

Spiderman tree cutting

Here are the before and after pictures:







It took some getting used to initially, but I think it feels pretty normal now. It ought to be interesting to see how this will affect the sun coming into the yard. Now I’m just itching to get a privacy fence!

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