Snow Bungalow

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I know people in the north are going to laugh at us, but….it snowed!! Atlanta like never has snow. Last night the news announced that there may be some sleet, but I think the snow wasn’t really supposed to come down as far as Atlanta. Well, sometime around 4:00pm I saw itty bitty flakes. Then it got harder, then it let down, then it got harder, then it let back down, etc. Eventually it came back with really large snow flakes! And at that point they were actually starting to stick! I think the last time I remember there being enough snow in Atlanta to do anything with was…uhmmm…7 years ago or something? And when I mean “do anything with” I mean like half an inch to an inch. Needless to say we were getting really excited about it! :)

Snow in Westview

Little flakes coming down earlier on.

Patrick catching snow

Patrick catching the snow. (You can see a little getting stuck in his hair.)

Me getting excited about the snow in the back yard:

[jwplayer mediaid=”1608″]

The front of the house as the snow is starting to pick up a little more:

[jwplayer mediaid=”1610″]

The snow got heavier as it got darker, but unfortunately it was too dark to take pictures anymore. But all the ground was pretty well covered (for Atlanta standards) by 7:00pm! Then it turned into rain and I think by morning nothing will be left. Well, that was our annual snow day, I guess! Haha. :)

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