Living Room & Another Animal Story

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Living Room
Our living room has been somewhat neglected throughout our renovation process. Since we haven’t peeled any layers of paint off the woodwork we prefer not to touch the room. Otherwise it becomes the famous started project that doesn’t get finished because you start working on something else. We started with the dining room wood last winter and just about haven’t touched it since. So the thought is that it’ll be best to keep our hands off of the living room until we finish with other rooms. At least that applies to the paint removal process.

When we had our floors redone we weren’t made aware of the fact that they would tear out all the toe kick molding in the house. What we also weren’t made aware of was the fact that after the toe kick molding was pulled out the cost of replacing it was not included anywhere in the estimate. Uhmmmm….yeaaaah. Anyway, old story that I probably shouldn’t think about too much unless I want to ruin the rest of my day. Another thing torn out was the molding around the fire places. It took us a while to find a piece of wood somewhat similar to what had been there. We had bought the wood a while ago but had it laying around the house until now. So we finally took the time to work on it.

The fire place with missing molding…

The fire place after we cut the wood to fit…

The fire place after the wood was stained. And our awesome white pumpkins that our client Julie Stephens from Kimball Hall ( got for us. We love them!!

Here are some of the close-up photos. That $8.00 miter saw from the home improvement store did a pretty decent job!

Patrick applying a special stain blend of “Provincial” (same as the floor throughout the house), and “Cherry” (needed to make the new wood match the color of the aged/old wood)…

And close-ups of the stained molding around the fireplace. Now we only have to see about investing in an air compressor so we can actually attach the molding to the floor!

Another Animal Story
On a separate note we have another sad animal story – in my previous animal story I’ve mentioned the neighbor

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