Yes, We're Still Alive

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Yes, yes…we are still alive! Apologies for the lack of updates lately, but we’ve taken a much needed vacation! So really there isn’t anything new to report since we just got back (well…minus that the grass needs mowing!), but I do have some photos to display from before we left…

We felt like one of the basement windows/coverings needed a little temporary face lift. It just seemed to be dangling around.

So after some quick labor we took it out. Don’t mind the sweat – at a boiling 104 F breathing alone will make enough sweat water for a bath!

The new sturdy framing has been cut and put in place.

Additionally we had to paint the door. When we bought it we had the intentions of staining it. Unfortunately time did not agree with our intentions, and before we knew it the door was stained not by polyurethane, but by rain! So instead we painted it white. (We still have to scrape the paint off the glass.)



This weekend we hope to get the garden back under control. When we do I will post more garden pictures…including some from before vacation.

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