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While doing some online research I stumbled across the Atlanta City Ordinances/Minimum Standards page. It was quite an interesting read! There are definitely some items on there that I wouldn’t necessarily have expected to be enforced…

“Sleeping Room Floor Space. In every dwelling unit of two or more rooms, every room occupied for sleeping by one occupant, except as indicated in Subsection (e) hereinafter, shall contain at least seventy (70) square feet of floor space; and every room occupied for sleeping purposes by more than one occupant shall contain at least fifty (50) square feet of floor space for each occupant thereof.” – Hmmm, there goes my idea of putting my guests in the closet. :-P

“Every window, other than a fixed window not designed for ventilation, shall be capable of being easily opened, held in position, and secured in the closed position by window hardware;” – Ahhh, I guess we’ll overlook all our nailed-shut windows. ;-)

“All exterior wood surfaces other than cedar, cypress or redwood shall be protected from the elements and decay by paint or other protective coating or treatment; and exterior metal surfaces shall be protected from corrosion by paint or other protective covering.” – I guess you’re limited on the “au naturelle” look, huh?

And my favorite…

“A functioning flush water closet properly connected to an approved water supply and sewage system shall be provided in a room separate from other living areas; with an approved interior door and latch to afford privacy to the occupant.” – Shhhh, don’t tell anyone our guests have had to go to the bathroom without a latching door!

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