Shower Curtain

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Unfortunately the window in our bathroom was placed in such a way that it has made it somewhat hard to place a shower into the bathtub because half the window would be in the shower. To prevent too much water from splashing onto the wooden window molding Patrick and I thought it would be a good idea to buy one of those curved shower rods in hopes of blocking some of the wood with the shower curtain. Even though the rod has been sitting in our closet for months we have now been able to hang it up because we wanted to paint the walls before putting up this permanent fixture. Up until now we have used our cheap plastic rod that is expandable. We’ve had it dangling on top of the tiles and the window crown molding so it wouldn’t damage the drywall and paint from fastening it onto the wall, and every time we hung our towels up (since we don’t have towel racks yet!) the rod was threatening to collapse on us. We finally put up our pretty curved (“for extra elbow room”) shower rod yesterday!

Ohhhhh, fancy! Look at that!

Shower curtain rod

Finally a shower rod that won’t fall on us. We also had to buy an extra long shower curtain liner because we’ve had to place the shower rod higher than the average shower curtain height due to the window being half-way in the shower. Not a problem with a 10-foot ceiling.

Shower curtain rod

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