Passed HVAC Inspection

Fourth try was a charm! We passed our final HVAC/gas inspection today. I called Mark at about 9:45am since we hadn’t seen or heard from him. He said he spoke with the city and they told him there was a mix-up with the address or something, but that they would be out today. He came and turned off the gas at about 10:30am, and the inspector showed up at about 11:30am. He told Patrick that his grandmother lives just down the street from us! And he approved us, of course, so we are now good to go for final inspections. Mark came back around 5:00pm to turn the gas back on. No more waking up and having our heat turned off, woohoo!

In addition Gus and Jim are back to finish up some more carpentry work. I posted pictures in the Photos section.

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