Fixing Our Fence

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Since we bought our house three years ago the back section of chain link fence has been a mess. Our guess is over the years the giant oak tree dropped large branches that crushed the fence. We have been debating if we want to get a privacy fence (and one day we’ll probably get around it), but for now we decided to spend a little money and fix what is already there.

Here is a photo of what we started with. See how bad it looked!

Rusty chain link fence

The rusty chain link fence

We had one post that had broken off near the ground, and all of the top rails needed to be replaced. The first step was to remove the top rails. It was pretty easy to do since they were all broken and rusty.

Remove the top rails

Removing the top rails

Once we got to this point we put the top rails through the old posts and realized we were going to have to first clean out all of the English ivy. The fence had been overthrown by vines, and we were not able to straighten it out without first clearing all of the plants and debris.

Steffi in jail!

Steffi in jail!

Once we got the ivy cleaned out, which took a while, we dug the hole to set the new post.

New chain link fence post

The new chain link fence post

Even Buster wanted to lend a hand with the fence!

Buster helping with the fence

Buster helping with the fence

So after a day of hard work the fence is working again. It didn’t end up perfectly straight because the posts weren’t level to start with, but it is still a big improvement for a little money!

Final chain link fence

Final chain link fence

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