Exterior Peel Away

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My parents were in town for the past three weeks, so we got limited things done around the house. Instead we got to go on the Inman Park Tour of Homes and marvel at what other people have done with their historic houses, and then we took a little extended weekend getaway to the Jekyll Island/Amelia Beach/Saint Augustine area. So many lovely old homes!

But sightseeing time aside, one of the things we did get to do was apply a test patch of Peel Away on the exterior brick by the steps. You know, the pink colored one!

Applying PeelAway to brick

Scraping PeelAway to brick

Exterior brick after PeelAway

One done, a lot to go!

So now that my parents have left and we’re feeling the empty nest syndrome I guess it’s time to get the energy back up for some house work!

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