Some Visible Progress

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Lately Patrick and I have had the problem of project skipping. I’m sure everyone’s pretty familiar with this…you start one thing, get fed up or bored with it and move onto the next, etc. Since we were working for months on the kitchen built-in butler’s pantry and got stuck and fed up with it we started various other things. One of those projects has been removing paint from the built-in in the bathroom. Another one was the plan to paint our bedroom. Except for the kitchen and bathroom (which were the main rooms that were re-done) the rest of the house is still a sterile and dull white. We had received a $10 off coupon from Lowe’s, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to buy the paint. We went there on December 31st only to realize the coupon had expired on the 30th, haha. We wanted to proceed with the project anyway and went ahead and bought some paint.

Painting always seems like such a quick and easy thing to do, but it wasn’t until we got to doing it that we realized that it wasn’t so quick and easy after all. Moving all the heavy and bulky furniture, taping off corners, wiping the dust off the walls, making sure you don’t paint the ceiling…it all takes time. In the end it took us a week to finish it. We immediately got used to the painted room and realized how much it helps to make our house feel like a home. The white paint just has that generic renter’s feel, so adding the splash of color was definitely what the room needed. Plus painting it actually made us feel like we’re making progress! The project skipping of course isn’t helping with getting anything done. But the other thing is that the other projects are mostly paint removal, which is a very time consuming task. With the cases of the butler’s pantry and the bathroom built-in we’re just removing paint to put a fresh coast of paint back on, so to outsiders they probably don’t even know the difference or that we’ve been spending 3 months working on one piece of furniture! It’s a little frustrating, but hopefully in the end it’ll make all the difference. In the living and dining room, where we intend to remove the paint and stain the wood, people (and us too) will truly be able to tell that work has been done.

A last glance of the white walls, taped off with blue tape…

Painting bedroom

And then the painted room…

Painted bedroom

Painted bedroom

Painted bedroom

The wall above the bed is still a bit bare, but we’ll hang up photos soon. We just have so many we haven’t been able to decide what to put up yet!

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