More Bathroom Door Work

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We’re so excited!! Our bathroom door (or at least one side of it) is looking sooooo hot! Last weekend Patrick made the bathroom door close, and we’ve continued working on it since then…

This crystal door knob, as well as the remaining ones throughout the house, are covered in white paint. Now why someone would paint their crystal doorknobs is beyond me! But since we can’t undo the past we’ll just have to work with what we’ve got and cherish that we have any historic items remaining in the first place. This paint covered bathroom doorknob being one of them.

In case you didn’t know it, steel wool works wonders! That old, paint covered mortise lock looked practically new after some of this magic. (*Note: We used Goof Off 2 to get some of the paint off before switching over to the fine steel wool)

So while I was busy scrubbing and rubbing the paint off the hardware Patrick was busy applying the stain and first coat of poly to the hallway side of the door.

Wow, look at that!! Wouldn’t you drool over this as well? Patrick and I aren’t big fans of the brass/gold look at all. But after cleaning this antique baby we couldn’t resist loving it. The beautiful crystal door knob with the stained and polyeurothaned door (and missing screws that were put back on after the photo).

The inside of the door hasn’t been stained yet (still needs some more sanding), but look at that beautiful door knob! Apparently chrome was “the” choice for the bathroom while the remaining house was brass. And look at how that door latches now – very awesome!

Our bathroom is actually starting to look pretty nice. :)

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