Last 2 Weeks Yardwork

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As you can tell we’ve been a little more slack now that we’re somewhat settled in. It’s just that now that the toothbrush and TV are out and working it’s hard to worry about the rest of the stuff! People keep asking when the housewarming party will be. Patrick keeps saying we should ago ahead and schedule it – that way we’ll be forced to unpack the rest of the junk!

So anyway, Patrick painted the 2nd coat of the kitchen built-in, so it’s looking pretty good. We still need to scrape the drawers and repaint them, and get the doors scraped and fixed so they can get hung back up. In addition he started painting the molding on the arch. But our main focus seems to still have been on the yard now that the weather is so nice and we’re itching to go outside.

Two weeks ago…

Getting ready to work on the pretty front bedroom door.

How nice! We had a few pieces of glass already replaced, but now noticed that there were a few more cracked ones. Must have happened with all that moving around? That door is very heavy afterall.

Our yard is still covered in leaves, and that giant branch that fell into the yard shortly before we closed on the house.

Trying out our brand-spankin-new “Log Master.”

Should I send my lumberjack photo in to Remington, or what?


We finally got gas for the lawnmover (funny that it took us so long to use it considering it was the first thing we bought for the house!). Also note that nice stack of chopped up wood. The lawnmover will also help that leaves problem…

Look how those leaves pretty much *poof* went away! Those brown spots you still see is where there’s no grass – errrr weeds growing. And yes, there are still a couple of piles that need to be cleaned up, but we’re making progress. You can also see that another bunch of daffodils popped up! I’m so excited! And if you look at the fence on the right hand side there is a little gap where you can see through to the neighbors daffodils – that’s because I tackled a small amount of the fence covered in kudzu 2 weeks ago! That stuff is entwined so much into the fence that it’s quite a challenge to get off (compare to 4 pictures up). I’ll have to try to remove as much as I can before spring really hits – they don’t say “a foot a day” for no reason!!

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