Drywall Goes Up – 01/05/2007

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Yay! This is really exciting. The drywall people were here today. The place looks sooo different now. We are so used to seeing the attic-like-walls with exposed 2x4s and wires hanging everywhere. This completely changes the feel of everything. This will be another long post because we were just so excited about documenting the drywalled place.

Looking at the bathroom wall where the toilet and sink will be.

The bath built-in and the location of the shower faucets.

We asked them to leave a space open above the bath built-in so we can utilize it for more storage.

The white sheetrock is regular sheetrock, the blue one is waterproof and placed nearby the bathtub.

Looking at the laundry wall and towards the back door.

Looking at the laundry wall and fuse box wall.

Fuse box and looking through the kitchen to the dining room.

View from kitchen towards laundry room.

View from kitchen towards dining room, showing the newly re-constructed butler’s pantry arch.

In kitchen showing dining room door, butler’s pantry arch and hallway door.

In kitchen looking towards future location of fridge and counter top space.

Ok, I realize I don’t look too thrilled in this picture, but I literally just got the paint off a difficult built-in corner that I had been attempting to get off for days, so despite the misleading picture I was quite extatic.

Now that the drywall is up we’re a little bit worried about the HVAC duct vent in the kitchen. Once the molding goes on we think the vent could possibly be too close to the wall. I guess we’ll see.

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