Week Twelve – 12/25/2006

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People told us “Oh my god, you’re working on the house on Christmas??”…which is funny, because well, what else were we going to do? Sit on the couch and twiddle our thumbs? Of course we’re going to work on our house during the little time we have off! Paint stripping, when coming off easily, is actually quite relaxing and fun…

The back bedroom served as our paint-stripping territory. Here we (“we” as in Steffi takes a sec to step away from the scraper and behind the camera) were working on the bathroom door.

Below the 2 layers of white, one layer of baby pink, and one layer of mint green we got to this redish-purplish-brown paint below which lays the wood.

We also knocked the rest of the broken plastic out of the door. Oh my goodness…the wood. How sexy!!

The bathroom built-in. Look at that small strip of wood that has some green and pink on it. That’s what we’re working on. It may not be much, but it sure as hell is a lot of work!

The bottom part of the built-in. Look at all that stripped paint on the floor. We also discovered another part of a toilet that we never realized we owned!

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