Bathroom Demolition

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I can’t take too much credit for working on the bathroom (yet?). Patrick and I had been working on the kitchen, and it wasn’t until Josh and Dylan came to help us that the bathroom was really touched. The bathroom consists of tile on the bottom half of the wall and drywall on the top part. Of course underneath the tile and the drywall is the original plaster too. The guys hammered away the tiles and plaster underneath, the drywall part on the top and the ceiling have yet to be tackled. In the meanwhile Patrick also worked on getting rid of the sink. He decided to leave in the toilet after discovering it still had brownish water in it. Which is more than likely just from the fact that it’s been standing still for so long (we all know the faucet spits out brown water after going on vacation for a couple of weeks), but it was gross nonetheless and he decided to leave it there for now.

The second weekend we got the dumpster and were finally able to clean up all that trash that had accumulated from the previous weekend of demolition. I say “finally” as though I couldn’t wait to clean…believe me, the cleaning was way less fun than the tearing down! And sadly it took me all of Saturday to pick up the debris in the bathroom (Patrick was struggling with the drop ceiling beams in the kitchen in the meanwhile), and actually even part of Sunday (probably because I also did cleaning up in the kitchen). Patrick also managed to get out the vintage fire hazardous furnace – a no-no according to our inspector.

So the bathroom still needs a good amount of tearing out before it’s down to the studs. Right now I’m not sure if we’ll continue on it much further or if our contractor will take that part over. She cautioned that we could continue the work ourselves, but we may not be able to move in by December 20th if we don’t stick to the timeline (according to which demolition should have been done this past weekend). I guess it’ll depend how fast she will get in there to finish it, because otherwise we will obviously just continue on our own.

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