Carpeting the Laundry

Yay! This week feels productive. Tuesday we started painting the bathroom, today the carpet was installed in the laundry room. It’s kind of crazy because we don’t have carpet anywhere else in the house, but we just wanted a cheap solution to our M.C. Escher style room – it makes it feel like a new construction in the suburbs!


Laundry room carpet


Laundry room carpet


Laundry room carpet

Next step soon (as in by the end of the weekend) – painting! We want to go ahead and get it painted while we have moved all the furniture back into the rest of the house (which, by the way, is crazy because it makes it feel like when we first moved in). Because we know once we move everything back in we’d never get around to moving it back out and painting it. So better to have chaos in the dining room again for a few days than an unfinished laundry for the next 3 years. ;-)

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